It could be that you're cleaning out your cabinets and want to give your extra set of dishes away. Or maybe you you want to invite your friends to church so they can experience the same powerful transformation you have. Whatever it is, the act of sharing is a sacrificial statement that says you love your neighbor. The list of ways to build the Kingdom is endless, so let's get to work!

share your church


your church

Have you experienced amazing things in your life since you've joined the Ahop family? Share the love! Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to experience what life is like when we pursue the heart of God together.


your story

Your story is one of a kind and has the power to inspire positive transformation in someone else's life. We're always looking for stories to share and want to hear from you. Want to talk about it?


your stuff

Ever heard the old adage "one man's trash is another man's treasure"? Okay, so we don't want your trash, but we do want your gently used stuff that could bless someone else's life. From cars to clothes and everything in between, the stuff you're ready to get rid of could be a game-changer for others. Got some stuff to share?